Book Highlight: If I Stay


There’s an easy way to tell if I’m feeling sad and depressed or trying to run away from a personal situation in my life that’s causing me pain: I read. I know this sounds silly, but I’ve always looked to books for an escape. It’s so much easier to deal with a fictional character’s pain and emotions rather than my own… so I lose myself in books to avoid dealing with my own life.

 Three years ago, I had to have my tonsils and adenoids removed and sinus surgery all on the same day. I heard and read that this was one of the most painful recoveries ever. For once, the internet and webMD weren’t lying. The only recovery worse than that was from having the twins BUT even THAT recovery lasted less than a week while recovering from tonsil surgery took a full 14 days of torture. So what did I do? I read. A lot. I read every single Harry Potter book in less than two weeks. I probably should have called Guiness because I feel like that’s a record or something. In between my drug induced naps, I lost myself in the Wizarding World of Harry Potter and it helped so much. It made those two weeks fly by and made me focus on something else other than the constant pain in my throat and my inability to eat anything. Even if the books weren’t that great (but they were!), I will always hold a special place in my heart for Harry and his friends for helping me through such a hard time in my life. I know most people have read the books, but if you haven’t, do it.. it’ll change your life.f8b3f5f522ed4770e1986bc5f36265c3

Anyway, last week wasn’t the best week ever so this weekend I spent most of my time reading. I know I’m probably behind on this, but I read “If I Stay” followed by the sequel “Where She Went” and let me just say this: holyfuckingshit. I don’t think I’ve ever felt so traumatized after reading a fictional story. These books are not for the faint of heart or for anyone that doesn’t feel like crying. And I wasn’t just crying here or there.. it was a full on snot fest for the entire length of the first book. At some points, the tears were flowing so quickly that I couldn’t even read the words on my Kindle. I went to bed Saturday night feeling like I had nothing left to live for. LOL. I know that sounds ridiculous but the book was SO good and SO touching that I felt like I went through everything Mia (the main character) did. (And let me just add: this -fictional- girl went through one of the worst possible scenarios for anyone to ever go through.)


The second book had a much happier ending and definitely helped me to recover from the first. If you’re a girl and need a good tearjerker, I definitely recommend these. If you’re feeling down, by the end of it, you’ll realize you have nothing to complain about. Life could be so much worse. It’s so weird how certain things happen in your life at just the right moments. I was browsing the book store on my Kindle for a new book thinking I would read “Gone Girl” and ended up choosing this one. Or maybe it chose me. But it was EXACTLY what I needed to read and so applicable to my life right now. I feel refreshed. I feel happy again. And a part of me will always be in those pages. I have a lot of little parts of me scattered in my favorite books that I often go back and re-read to find myself again. With that being said, it might be awhile before I start another series or a new book. It’s going to take me awhile to recover from this one and I just wanted to share while the impact was fresh to hopefully not be the only goofball that’s left brokenhearted after finishing a really good book. 🙂 I definitely have one of these right now: